The Transcribed Photographs

This project is an experiment of being a photographer without a camera. By transcribing an image instead of capturing an image, I hope to allow the viewer to see what they would naturally see. My intention is not to demean the importance of a photograph, but to explore the the mind’s habitual imagination.

The concept stemmed from an absence of opportunity to take the photographs I wanted to be taking. I would write down descriptions of the ideas in my mind, but a photograph would rarely eventuate. I found an effectiveness in the descriptions, there was an imagined visual to go with everything I was writing. As a result, the images in my mind became transcribed, the words were arrange and ultimately framed, becoming inherently ambiguous.

This experiment came full-circle when I recalled an article I had read about blind photographers. It detailed a photo exhibit which could be attended by the visually-impaired. Below each exhibited photograph on the wall, a description was written in brail to be read by those unable to “see” the photograph. Thus is the basis of The Transcribed Photographs: our minds are the true image makers.

The Transcribed Photographs was part of the Drift Stations “Bookstore” Exhibit in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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